Photos, videos & apartment marketing: Anna Singleton on why professional images merit the investment

Sep 14, 2023

Anna Singleton of Show My Property with a quote about apartment photography

Did you know that one of the services we offer includes professional photos and videos of your properties? We don’t often talk about REACH photography services, but as a full-service marketing agency, it is something that’s available to you.

Here to discuss the impact of good photos and videos is Anna Singleton, the founder of Show My Property, an innovative visual asset agency we partner with to bring these services to our clients across the U.S.

Why is professional photography and video important for apartment brands?

Anna: Your online presence is often the first impression potential renters have of your property. High-quality photography has an immediate impact by ensuring that first impression is positive. It captures the attention of prospects and showcases your community in its best light.

It’s worth considering that there are many distinct types of photography, and each may have a different application for your brand. For example, still photography is perfect for capturing individual units and common areas. But something more engaging, like 360° photography, allows potential renters to take a virtual tour of your property. Meanwhile, drone photography can provide a unique perspective and show off your property’s location and the surrounding neighborhood.

What’s the difference between good photography and bad photography for apartment marketing?

Anna: Well-lit, high-resolution photos that align with your brand are the definition of good photography. Yes, the skill of the photographer is key, but don’t forget that you play a vital role in the shoot as well. Make sure you spend time before the shoot planning with your photographer, so you can introduce your brand standards and create a shot list.

Here are a few apartment photography tips to keep in mind whether you work with REACH or someone else:

  • When shooting outdoors: Dusk, nighttime and dawn are great times to shoot to avoid harsh sunlight and capture the soft glow of lamp lighting for a beautiful effect.
  • When shooting the pool: Hose down the deck area around the pool with water to give it a nice sheen, especially for sunset dusk shots.
  • When framing a shot: Ask your photographer to create the sense of a framed photo using doorways and windows as natural, built-in frames.

Low-quality apartment photography should be avoided as it can give the perception of a low-quality brand.

Is all video good video?

Anna: In short, no it’s not. In the 10+ years we’ve been in business, we’ve witnessed many badly shot amateur videos putting residents off a listing. We always recommend collaborating with skilled professionals to properly shoot video using the best techniques and equipment.

We have so many clients tell us that prospects lease straight from their website when they have a strong video. Lifestyle videos really show off amenities and assets in the best light. Clients typically try our video services on a small handful of test properties and, within a year, usually opt to do a full roll out across their portfolios.

What differentiates Show My Property from other visual service agencies?

Anna: We have been shooting video and photos for the industry for over a decade and understand what is takes to make apartments look great online.

Multifamily loves Show My Property. As specialists, we really cure the whole portfolio re-shoot headache. We can coordinate a shoot for hundreds of apartment communities’ videos and photos as the result of just one conversation. This really take the work off the marketing director, allowing them to focus on other tasks.

Where should brands use photo and video assets besides their websites?

Anna: We believe good photo and video assets can and should be used in many places. Social media and ILS sites are an effective way to repurpose website assets. You can also use them in print materials like brochures and ads.

Clients love that they own their assets after one of our REACH shoots, and we offer social media friendly re-edits on all of our videos to really make the most of your spend. Shoot once, use everywhere is a good rule of thumb.

Thanks to Anna for her time and insights. If you have any questions about the range of photography and video options available to you, check out our photography brochure or contact us.

Geneva Ives

Geneva Ives is the manager of marketing content at Yardi. She leads content initiatives for REACH by RentCafe. Writing may be her first love, but data is a close second. Geneva is based in Santa Barbara, California.

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