Take a look: 3 outstanding RentCafe websites

Sep 15, 2022


How do you attract potential customers, engage with them and convert the most leads? With a great property website, of course! But it’s not easy. There’s a lot that goes into creating the perfect property website.

In this post, we’re going to show you three of the best RentCafe websites we’ve seen lately. These property sites consistently attract visitors and drive conversions.

Keep reading to see exactly why these top three websites stand out from competitors and deliver real results.

Aura Watermark Tempe

The first of our favorite RentCafe websites is Aura Watermark, a sleek and modern property located in Tempe, Arizona.

There are many ways to impress renters with your property website, and one of the most important is the design elements. In this department, Aurora Watermark is right on trend. In a recent survey of over 12,000 participants, REACH by RentCafe found that 73.5% of renters prefer calm and soothing color schemes. Similarly, 59% said they preferred to decorate their apartment with calm, clean and minimal design elements.

Aurora Watermark’s website combines these preferences to attract and retain renters’ attention. The website embraces soft, calming colors layered with simple and peaceful textures.

Another standout element is the show-stopping hero video on the homepage. Featuring sweeping drone shots and stunning cuts of the property, this homepage clip distinguishes and elevates the property from competitor websites.

What’s particularly impressive about the homepage is that it features a fantastic video without sacrificing in page performance. Aurora Watermark excels at fast load times, which is critical to retaining renters with shorter attention spans than ever before.

Additionally, sprinkled into the website are plenty of photos that help tell the story of the property, allowing renters to see themselves living there. These design components — coupled with speedy performance, optimized SEO and the opportunity to engage with virtual and video tours — make Aurora Watermark stand out as a top-tier rental property website!  

The Q Variel

The second of our top websites is The Q Variel, a vibrant and stylish property in Woodland Hills, California. The sleek site embodies the popular dark mode design trend, evoking a sense of urban drama.

On top of that, the site employs many high-performing RentCafe widgets to help convert the greatest number of leads. With the “Find My Floorplan” assistant and the use of an AI powered chatbot with natural language processing, The Q can engage with customers 24/7.

Further, The Q’s website boasts an easy “Schedule a Tour” feature in addition to an exciting interactive property map that shows customers availability by building image and floor.

Screenshot of Q variel homepage, a RentCafe website

The Q also upholds Google’s Core Web Vitals, which is a set of metrics Google uses to analyze your website. By using an accessibility contrast tool that allows users to adjust contrast based on their preferences, The Q boosts its accessibility score, making the site perform better for more potential renters.

On top of this, there is strong copy throughout the site that tells a story, which in turn boosts its SEO ranking.

Strong Core Web Vitals combined with helpful features and a sleek design elevate this website and drive conversions for the Q’s leasing team, making it one of RentCafe’s best websites.

LINK Apartments Montford, a property in Charlotte, NC, does everything right when it comes to popular website design: crisp, cool and cozy! The clean layout, paired with calming turquoise tones and simple textures is exactly what potential renters want to see. In fact, 47% of renters say they’d be most excited to live in an apartment that embraces a soft, relaxing atmosphere with calm colors.  

Furthermore, the homepage includes a compelling testimonials section that builds confidence and highlights key aspects of the property. Right below is a location map for easy access to driving directions on mobile devices. All these features create an effective and visually appealing homepage that keeps visitors engaged.

Screenshot of the Link Montford homepage, a RentCafe website

As a visitor digs deeper into LINK’s site, they will also find helpful floor plan pages for each floor plan type, allowing search marketing to be targeted by number of bedrooms. This is also helpful for the prospect — it provides the specific information that renters need to make a leasing decision.

In addition, the LINK Montford offers eye-catching 360-degree tours and a digital floor plan assistant to gamify the user experience and engage leads. Lastly, the site features fun custom pages for pets and green standards, giving visitors insight into the property’s culture and values.

REACH by RentCafe website services

Each of these three fabulous websites are aesthetically appealing, featuring popular design trends and fashionable color schemes. On top of this, each site features helpful widgets that give customers an easy way to engage with the page. To top it all off, they are all built to WCAG 2.1aa compliance and include an accessibility statement in the footer.

Stunning designs, engaging features and an emphasis on accessibility make the Aurora Watermark, Q Variel and LINK Montford three of the best RentCafe websites!

With the help of REACH, you too can create property and corporate websites that drive conversions, perform with Google’s Core Web Vitals and, most importantly, custom fit your specific needs! Learn more about REACH professional website services.

Stay tuned for more of the best RentCafe websites

There are a lot of great websites out there, and we plan to highlight as many as we can. If you have an outstanding RentCafe website you’d like to see featured on our blog, let your rep know and we’ll be in touch!

Elle Schantz

Elle Schantz is a valued intern at REACH by RentCafe. She is currently a student at Washington University in St. Louis, majoring in Marketing and Global Studies.

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