Apartment content marketing: How blogging boosts your SEO

Jun 12, 2024

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Let’s talk about content marketing for apartments, specifically blogging. Most apartment marketers will agree that blogging sounds great in theory. But when it comes to the practice writing, approving and publishing the posts, our enthusiasm wanes.

After all, blogging can be a time suck. But it can also have a big payoff.

Done right, blogging will boost your local SEO. It will raise your community in search results and, most importantly, help more prospective renters in your area find you.

Let’s explore how blogging can give your apartment marketing an edge in the multifamily SEO game. No hype, no overnight miracles — just some real talk about what to expect and how to make it work for you. See how blogging and apartment marketing can be a winning combo (and what it takes to get there).

Read to the end for 10 apartment blog ideas to get you started (and one way to make everything a lot faster).

Why blogging matters

Strategically, blogging is a powerful tool to improve your search visibility and attract potential renters. It’s also an incredibly simple and straightforward way to humanize your brand and forge more emotional connections.  

When you establish a blog for your apartment community and post regularly, three things happen:

  1. You build authority and trust with both renters and search engines.
    In the crowded apartment rental market, trust is a differentiator. Regularly creating authoritative local content showcases your expertise and builds trust with potential renters. Other businesses featured in your articles could end up linking to your content. This creates backlinks and backlinks can increase search engine authority. Learn more about backlinks.
  2. You help renters take the next step by answering common questions.
    Blogging allows you to address common questions and concerns potential renters might have. By providing answers, you knock down barriers to rent and position yourself as a valuable resource. You also make it more likely that renters will choose your brand over a competitor’s when they’re ready to get in touch.  
  3. You improve your ranking in local search results.
    Consistently publishing quality blog content improves your website’s SEO. Search engines love fresh, relevant content, and this can help you rank higher in local apartment searches. For example, if you have a post called “10 reasons dog owners love our pet-friendly apartments in <city name>,” that post gives you an additional chance to rank in searches for pet-friendly apartments in your area.

Still on the fence? A study by HubSpot found that companies that blog get 55% more visitors than companies that don’t.

How to blog with SEO in mind

Now that you understand why blogging is essential for apartment marketing, let’s look at how to get started.

Start with keyword research

Begin by conducting keyword research to identify the specific local apartment-related keywords that potential renters commonly search for. Use tools such as Google Keyword Planner to pinpoint relevant terms that resonate with your target audience.

Create a content calendar

Develop a content calendar that outlines your blogging schedule. This helps you maintain a consistent posting frequency, ensuring that your readers know when to expect fresh content. A well-structured calendar will help you plan topics in advance and keep your team (or self) accountable.

Post consistently

Consistency is key in blogging across all industries. Stick to your content calendar and ensure you publish at regular intervals. This not only keeps your audience engaged but also signals to search engines that your website is active and dependable.

Optimize your posts

Optimize your blog posts by naturally incorporating the keywords you’ve identified into your content. Avoid keyword stuffing and focus on providing valuable, informative content that genuinely addresses the needs and questions of your potential renters. Be sure to add images and alt tags.

Promote and share

After publishing a new blog post, actively promote and share it across relevant platforms. Share it on your social media accounts, include it in your emails and engage with online apartment rental communities. Expanding your reach will lead to increased visibility and traffic.

Track results

Regularly monitor the performance of your blog posts. Track metrics such as page views, time spent on page and bounce rate. Analyze these data points to refine your content strategy and focus on what works best for your audience.

Revisit your blog strategy quarterly

Schedule time to assess your blogging efforts every quarter. Is your posting schedule working or does it need to be adjusted? Are there new keywords you’d like to get traffic for? Can your blogs align with any upcoming resident events or seasonal offers?

How to handle blogging setbacks

Blogging isn’t a perfect science, and we should know. We started this one, after all.

Sometimes your post isn’t ready on time. Or the person you planned to interview isn’t available or, worse, changes jobs or apartments. Occasionally, people want to see results way too early in the process. They might ask what you have to show for all the hours spent so far.

The answer isn’t glamorous, but it is simple: Just keep going.

Miss a post? Move on to the next week. Topic doesn’t work out? Go to the next one. Posts not getting read? Keep pushing them out to your social audience and leasing team.

Not seeing SEO results immediately? Remind stakeholders that SEO is always marathon, not a sprint. Ongoing SEO is the secret to outperforming your competitors, but it takes time. It took us six months (and a lot of effort) before we started seeing our posts appear and climb in Google SERPs.

10 apartment blog topics ideas to get you started

Alright, assuming you’re totally excited to start blogging now (remember, a lot of your competitors won’t make the effort), here are 10 article ideas you can adapt to your market.

  1. “The Ultimate Guide to Apartment Hunting in [City/Region]”
  2. “Top Neighborhoods for Apartment Living in [City]”
  3. “Comparing [City] Apartment Sizes: Studio vs. 1-Bedroom vs. 2-Bedroom”
  4. “Pet-Friendly Apartments: Finding Fido’s Perfect Home in [City]”
  5. “Apartment Amenities That Make [City] Living a Breeze”
  6. “Team Spotlight: Meet the Friendly Faces at [Community Name] “
  7. “Navigating Lease Agreements: What to Look for in [City]”
  8. “Local School Districts: Choosing the Right Education for Your Family in [City]”
  9. “Community Spotlight: Interviews with [Community] Residents”
  10. “Exploring [City]’s Cultural Scene: Museums, Galleries and Theaters”

Wait, didn’t you say something about a way to make it faster?

You’re right, we did mention that in the intro. Well, as you’ve probably heard, a little something called generative AI has entered the market, making it a lot easier and faster to kickstart your blog posts.

There are a lot of options out there to choose from, but did you know there’s one specific to RentCafe website clients? That’s right, our new Marketing IQ Genius Edition includes an AI-powered content creator that can create, schedule and automatically post blog articles for you.

Imagine setting aside just half a day to draft and schedule your weekly blog posts for the next month or even quarter. And did you know it can do your Google Business Profile posts too? If you haven’t seen our AI content creator yet, reach out to your REACH rep or contact us to set up a time for a demonstration.

Final thoughts

If you take anything from this article, remember that in any competitive apartment rental market, establishing a likeable brand is critical. In our case, this means you have to be liked by search engines as well as renters, since renters have to find you before they can rent from you.

By embracing blogging and consistently creating authoritative local content, you can boost your SEO and build trust — a winning formula for apartment marketing success.

Happy blogging!

Geneva Ives

Geneva Ives is the manager of marketing content at Yardi. She leads content initiatives for REACH by RentCafe. Writing may be her first love, but data is a close second. Geneva is based in Santa Barbara, California.

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