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Hand of a person looking at apartment PPC ads on a phone

Apartment PPC data: Why, where & how it converts prospects into renters

We studied 1,533 properties across the U.S. over a period of 6 months to see how PPC leads convert once they get to your property website.

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Woman watching a video about multifamily marketing data on a tablet

4 multifamily marketing data points to consider for budget season

Setting your multifamily marketing budget for the year ahead? Use these data points and watch a quick video that will help you shape a winning strategy.

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Rainbow alphabet letters with the phrase "SEM glossary" on top

Search engine marketing (SEM) glossary for property marketing

Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned property marketer, this SEM glossary is here to help you put a finer point on common search marketing terms.

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Melissa Brady, vice president of strategic marketing at Fogelman

Client story: Fogelman on SEO, PPC & Marketing IQ

Real client, real results. See how Fogelman worked with REACH to supercharge an already successful marketing strategy.

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Geolocation pin over a colorful radius showing the concept of geotargeting

Geotargeting vs. geofencing: What’s the difference & which one is better for apartment marketing?

Explore the differences between geotargeting and geofencing. Find out which is better for apartment marketing, and learn how to tell when you’re getting hoodwinked.

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Collage of people on paper airplanes hitting a target as a metaphor to the accuracy of multifamily ppc campaigns

Multifamily PPC: Your guide to keywords, new campaign types & what’s next

Learn about keywords, negative keywords, new campaign types and evolving human behavior trends in today’s shifting digital landscape.

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Neon question mark surrounded by futuristic multifamily buildings

Multifamily marketing FAQs: Agency experts tackle your questions

Get answers to your top questions about multifamily marketing! Three agency specialists in creative, search and strategic roles share their hot takes.

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