Client story: PRG Real Estate on REACH SEO & Marketing IQ

Mar 15, 2023

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“REACH SEO is our lowest marketing cost, and it has the highest return. In 3 months, it delivered more than 450 leases at a cost per lease of less than $30, which is phenomenal.”

Devon Mendez
PRG Real Estate

Meet Devon

Devon Mendez is the marketing and branding manager at PRG Real Estate. She oversees a portfolio of 42 properties in the Southeast and Midwest. Her day-to-day includes overseeing marketing sources and the technologies PRG uses, as well as managing relationships with vendors.

Company background

Founded in 1985 by Jon Goodman and Steven Berger, PRG Real Estate is a vertically integrated investment and property management firm headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It’s portfolio of apartment homes is comprised of more than 10,000 units.

While PRG has more than three decades of experience, it’s not content to rely on tools and methods that worked in the past. The company forges ahead by adopting new technologies and business strategies as the market evolves. This means hiring people with an adaptive mindset.

“I like to say PRG is a 35-year-old startup,” Devon shares. “We hire smart and passionate people that help us grow to the next level.”

The challenge

PRG previously worked with a digital marketing agency that did not provide regular contact or reporting, so it was impossible to see if SEO was driving leads and leases. PRG also didn’t have clear visibility into SEO spend and return.

The solution

PRG switched to REACH for SEO services. The team started meeting regularly with dedicated SEO specialists. Using Marketing IQ, they were able to easily view performance data and prove results to stakeholders.

REACH SEO results

With help from REACH multifamily SEO specialists, PRG is getting more website traffic and more conversions. In the first year, PRG’s overall website traffic increased 189%.

In a recent quarter, SEO brought in 454 leases across 35 properties. The cost per lease during this time period was just $29.20.

Remarkably, for every $1 spent on REACH SEO, PRG got back $537 in revenue, totaling $7 million in net rental income.

REACH SEO continues to drive impressive results for PRG.

“In our last quarter, our SEO conversion rate was an 8.12%, versus our best performing ILS source that had a conversion rate of a 5.74%,” says Devon.

Marketing IQ benefits

Before implementing Marketing IQ — a marketing analytics tool developed specifically for multifamily —Devon and her team had to pull a variety of reports from various systems and piece them together to see how their marketing sources were performing.

With Marketing IQ, they are now able to look at a simple dashboard to see everything in one place. This has saved a significant amount of time and made their decisions more data driven.

Marketing IQ shows PRG’s marketing team where they’re seeing the most value and where they have opportunities to improve. They can monitor traffic, leases and costs across all marketing channels at a glance.

“Through Marketing IQ, we’re able to get a transparent overview of how all our marketing sources are performing and decide where we want to put our marketing spend,” asserts Devon.

Watch the full PRG Real Estate video with Devon Mendez

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Geneva Ives

Geneva Ives is the manager of marketing content at Yardi. She leads content initiatives for REACH by RentCafe. Writing may be her first love, but data is a close second. Geneva is based in Santa Barbara, California.

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