3 ways to use video on your RentCafe websites

Feb 1, 2023

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It’s no secret that videos make an impact on customers.

In fact, a recent video marketing study from Lemonlight found that 90% of respondents “very much” or “somewhat” enjoy watching video content from brands online. And only very few — less than 4% — said they don’t like watching brand video content.

Rental customers looking for their next home are no different. They want to see the communities they might live in come to life on screen. They want to virtually walk-through potential apartments before making the decision to visit.

So how are you using video in your property marketing? You might be using videos on your social media platforms, but what about your website?

Since your website is a central part of your search presence — and most likely your top source for leads — it should offer the most engaging customer experience possible. This means adding video.

While adding video to your website might sound like a big operation, it doesn’t have to be. Here are three low-effort, high-impact ways to use video on your RentCafe website.

1. Homepage videos

Make a brilliant first impression by using a video in place of the homepage gallery slider.

This is a powerful way to capture the attention of someone who lands on your website, and it makes for a memorable first impression by instantly conveying your brand aesthetic.

All you need is an MP4 file of the video of your choice, then you can add it to our video widget in Site Editor

See an example of a RentCafe website with a homepage video.

2. Virtual tours

Next, try incorporating 360-degree virtual tours of the different floor plans your property offers. You should consider adding tours of the amenity spaces as well.

Virtual tours help prospects view floor plans in a realistic digital way. This gives them a sense of what it’s like to be inside one of the units as they navigate through each room.

One easy way to accomplish this is to ask your leasing agents to film walk-throughs on a phone or tablet. You might choose to do this as units become available and show each individual unit. Or you might decide to film just one of every different floor plan, no matter the unit. You can also hire professionals to film these tours for you.

The great thing is that they are super simple to set up on your website. All you need is the URL to the virtual tour of a floor plan or community amenity. Then you can link a button out to the video from any page.

For example, you can include buttons that link to your different virtual tours on the floor plans page, and you can link to a featured floor plan or amenity from the homepage.

See an example of a RentCafe website with a virtual tours page.

3. Live video walk-through tours

Another way to include videos on your RentCafe property marketing website is to offer live video tours. These are tours where your leasing agents go live on a phone or tablet to walk prospects through the property and unit they’re interested in.

These tours are exceptionally valuable to a wide variety of customers. Perhaps someone is moving to your property from out of state and can’t make it for an in-person tour. Or maybe a potential renter has health concerns and would prefer tour your property from the comfort of their own home.

Use your RentCafe website to let users know that your property offers these types of tours, and they can be scheduled by simply contacting the property or using a schedule a tour feature. 

Although this type of video doesn’t permanently live on your website, it still offer a phenomenal conversion point for high-intent prospects.

Remember to repurpose your videos

If you have great content, it’s a shame to use it only in one place. Once it’s up on your website, ask yourself how you can repurpose it.

Can you post the same content (or a reformatted version) on your social platforms with a link see more floor plans or get in touch? How about including your short videos in emails you send to prospects after an inquiry?

Get video help

Did you know that REACH offers both photography and video services? We can send a professional team to your community to create property videos, virtual tours and even smartphone tours. See what’s possible with REACH photo and video.

Don’t have a RentCafe website?

RentCafe websites are built for engagement, speed and accessibility. See some of our clients’ RentCafe websites.

Shannon McElvain

Shannon McElvain is a creative marketing specialist with REACH by RentCafe. She has two years of marketing experience at Yardi. She loves helping clients with their corporate and property websites. When she's not at work, you can find Shannon surfing or snowboarding all over California.

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