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Picture of guide to Google Lighthouse ebook

Learn how to use Google Lighthouse to improve your property website

Discover how Google Lighthouse scores your website and how you can use these metrics to improve it.

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Marketing analytics displayed in the Marketing IQ dashboard on a tablet

5 property marketing analytics to track with Marketing IQ

Learn how to use Marketing IQ to assess five critical marketing data points. Get the information you need to inform, justify and drive your strategy!

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Michael Wilke from Towne Properties

Client story: Towne Properties on REACH SEO & PPC

SEO is one of the top three goal conversion sources each month, converting at a rate of 10-12%. And Towne’s SEO cost per lease is just $63!

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Example Google Business Profile for apartments laid over a map view

Google Business Profile for apartments: Learn how to optimize your GBP

Your Google Business Profile is a key part of your marketing strategy. See why it’s so important and learn best practices to optimize your GBP for your apartment community.

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Hilda the cow, an example of a photo review moment from the Google Search On 22 event

Google Search On 22: Search updates & what they mean for apartment marketing

Google Search On 22 highlighted new search features and improvements that we can expect in the coming months. How will these changes impact apartment hunting?

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branded vs non-branded search blog hero with a magnifying glass

Branded vs. non-branded search: Which drives the most traffic to apartment websites?

Take a closer look at branded vs. non-branded search. Find out what each one is, why customers use one or the other and which one drives the most traffic to apartment websites.

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Person using laptop to manage ongoing SEO with SEO related drawings in the background

Ongoing SEO: The secret to outperforming your competitors

Believe it or not, some people still think you just “do SEO” once and then be done. Those people are wrong — and destined to miss out on a lot of valuable traffic.

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