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Gen X man searching on a laptop and Gen Z woman searching on a phone

Generational search trends you should know

As a smart marketer, you should be aware of generational search trends. See trends across Gen X, Gen Y (also known as millennials) and Gen Z.

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Take a look: 3 outstanding RentCafe websites

See 3 of the best RentCafe websites right now! Learn why we like them and how they engage prospective renters.

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Male and female renter pointing at apartment branding on a laptop

Telling the right story: Does your apartment branding resonate with renters?

Get the recipe to create an apartment brand that stands out using branding essentials, emotional storytelling and copy that compels.

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Multifamily SEO: All your SEO questions, answered!

Get answers to the your SEO FAQs! Esther Bonardi and Gretchen Walker share their multifamily SEO insights in short, fun videos.

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Towne Properties Logo and Hermes Awards Logo

Towne Properties’ RentCafe websites win Hermes Creative Awards

We’re excited to celebrate a win for our client, Towne Properties. See which two of Towne’s redesigned property websites received Hermes Creative Gold Awards.

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Gen Z renter in pink shirt

Gen Z renters: New survey data a year later

See data from our Gen Z renter update survey and learn more about the apartment search preferences of 12,544 young renters.

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Property marketing spend infographic header

5 questions for better marketing returns

Are you asking these five questions? Read more to learn how to make your property marketing spend yield significant returns.

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